GB Whatsapp APK Download (Anti Ban) – Latest Version 2024

The era of digital dominance demands continuous revolution, and social media platforms are not lagging. One such example is GB Whatsapp. Often called GBWA, it is a modified version of the regular Whatsapp messaging app. The fame of this app is evident from its staggering downloads, surpassing over 5 billion to this date.

GBWhatsapp is an upgraded version of Whatsapp with advanced settings and better customization options. Users can customize the themes, fonts, chat styles, privacy settings, and more via GBWA. 

One of its most astounding yet frightening features is ‘anti deletion’, which means you will still be able to see the messages deleted by the other party. Besides this, GBWA also provides voice-changing tools and the option to schedule your messages.  

Compelled to download this package of secrets? We’ll lay before you the complete commands of its submission. You may not find this app in the Play Store or App Store, but you can easily download it on your Android devices using GB Whatsapp APK. 

Why use GB Whatsapp APK?

Social platforms are revered by the global population, and they look forward to new features each day. Among all other social apps, WhatsApp can safely claim the status of best messaging app owing to its ease of use and plethora of features. However, this app is not devoid of limitations. 

To counter such limitations, Developers have created GB Whatsapp by instilling all the enhanced features that the Netizens demand. The GB version of Whatsapp breaks all bounds and allows you to customize the app YOUR WAY. 

However, since Whatsapp Incorporation did not officially create this app, it is not available on the Play Store. However, users can get their hands on this flawless application via the APK file, which is available for download. 

Whether you want to customize your own themes, strengthen your privacy, or use multiple accounts in one place, GB Whatsapp is your ultimate heaven. 

Unique Features of GB Whatsapp

The following is a comprehensive list of all the main features that the GB version has curated for you:

DND Mode

Do not Disturb mode is helpful if you do not want any notifications from the app. Enable the DND mode from settings; everyone will see your status as ‘offline’. 

Last Seen Freeze

This is an incredible feature if you want to keep your activity private. This feature allows enhanced privacy by freezing your last sight from the time you turn it on. Now, whether you go online or not, no one will be able to tell. This allows users to have complete control over their last online timestamp.

Incognito Message mode

You can read the messages incognito by changing the read receipt settings. Unlike WhatsApp, which only allows for hiding blue ticks, GB Whatsapp has taken it a step higher by hiding even double ticks. If you prefer reading messages without immediately notifying the sender, incognito mode is for you. 

Anti-Revoke Messages

The GB version doesn’t keep you in the dark. If a sender deletes the message before you have seen it, GB WhatsApp allows you to see the deleted message of any user. 

Revoke Multiple messages

This app allows you to see other users’ deleted messages, and its feature of revoking multiple messages at the same time will enable you to control the conversation based on your convenience. 

Unique Fonts

Forget about WhatsApp’s boring font and try the refreshing GBWA ones. 

Countless Themes

When it comes to customization, themes can’t be skipped. The modified GB version gives you unlimited themes and an extensive collection of emojis. 

Enhanced Picture Sharing Limit

Where the original app allows sharing only 30 images in one go, GB WhatsApp has tripled it up to 100 images at a single time. What’s more, you can also send 100MB audio clips and 50MB videos to your contacts. Insane!

Discreet Conversation

GB Whatsapp hides your typing or recording status from the recipients. So, you can easily discard a message or audio clip if you don’t feel like sending it anymore. 

Chat Export

Whatsapp GB allows you to manage your chat effectively by introducing the ‘Export chat’ option. This feature helps you preserve your essential chats by creating a backup or transferring them to other devices. 

Voice Changer Tools

Here comes the fun part: The Voice changer feature adds a unique touch to your voice calls, allowing you to prank your friends or tackle difficult situations. 

Bulk Messaging

Want to send messages in bulk without creating groups? GB Whatsapp allows you to share your messages in bulk to your complete contact list. 

Log History

Besides all other features, GB also allows you to see the log history of all the users. 

DP Notifications

Another surprising feature this app presents is the notification pop-up whenever your contact changes your profile picture. 

Difference Between Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp

FeaturesWhatsappGB Whatsapp
CompatibilityAndroid & iOS Android
Shareable Documents at one time100 docs.30 docs.
Media Size50MB15MB
Max. Group Size250 contacts600 contacts
Status Character Limit139255
Shareable Media Duration7 min.30 sec.
Message Forwarding LimitUp-to 10 msg.Up-to 250 msg.
Multi Account SupportNoYes
Advanced CustomizationNo Yes
Multi-message repealNo Yes
Anti-Delete Message/statusNoYes
Auto-Reply OptionNoYes
Hide Double TickNoYes
Last Seen FreezeNoYes
Disable Forwarded TafNoYes
Animated StickersNoYes
Voice Changer ToolNoYes
Customizable fontsNoYes
Advanced ThemesNoYes

Can We Use Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp Simultaneously?

It is a common misunderstanding that an Android device can only operate either Whatsapp or GB Whatsapp. 

But here’s a treat.  

Android devices can simultaneously download, use and run both apps without any glitches. Since the GB version has no connectivity with the regular Whatsapp, you can either use the same account on both apps or different accounts on each app according to your needs. This advantage is beneficial to manage various accounts on the same device.

In short, You are not restricted by any bounds. 

Gb Whatsapp APK Download Process 2024

Many people might consider it a hassle to download GB WhatsApp via the APK files. However, it is nothing but simple and straightforward. All you need to do is start, and the process will roll out fine. Here’s the complete download procedure for your reference:

Identify Reliable sources:

Hundreds and hundreds of APK download platforms are stuffing the search engines. However, identifying a trustworthy source is complicated. Check the reviews about reliable sources and select reputable ones to avoid the potential risk of malware. 

Allow Unknown Source Download:

Android devices don’t allow downloads or installation from unknown resources unless you change the device settings. Head to device settings and allow permission to install apps from that unknown source before installing the APK. 

Download GBWA APK File:

After the first two steps, download the APK file on your device to proceed. 

Install the App:

Go to your recent downloads and click on the downloaded APK file to begin the installation process. 

Grant Allowable Permissions:

After installation, the app demands various permissions to operate effectively. Apart from some necessary permissions, you can always opt out of the others. Ensure that you read the terms and conditions of each permission before granting them. 

Set Up the App;

Once the installation and permissions are completed, open the app and set it up with your account. The process is similar to WhatsApp. 


This is an optional step but appealing to many. Go to personalization and customize the settings as per your liking. 

Steps to Keep Your GB Whatsapp Up-To-Date

Every application needs updates not only to stay protected but also to enjoy new features. Here is the process to keep your GB Whatsapp up-to-date. 

  • Keep track of the update schedules for GBWA and continuously check the trusted sources for new updates or installations. 
  • As soon as an update is available, repeat the procedure of downloading the APK file on your device and installing the application, as discussed earlier. 
  • Now, here’s a reminder: it is always a best practice to keep a backup of your chats. This helps to prevent any loss of data when installing the updated version. 

Pros and Drawbacks of GB Whatsapp

Now that we have discussed all the unique features and differences of GB Whatsapp as compared to official Whatsapp let’s see what strengths and weaknesses it holds over official Whatsapp.


  • Personalization Options: GBWA comes with a wealth of personalization features like themes, font styles, chat appearances and emojis. 
  • Enhanced Privacy Options: In comparison to official WhatsApp, the privacy options of GB WhatsApp are much more advanced, allowing you to conceal your read receipts, viewed statuses, multiple messages revoke options, last-seen freeze control and much more.
  • Multiple Account Management: Just like Instagram, users can create and manage multiple accounts on a single device. This feature lets you keep your personal and professional contacts and conversations separate. 
  • Advanced Messaging Features: GB Whatsapp provides a plethora of messaging features, including anti-revoke, multi-revoke, scheduling, and auto-replies, to name a few. 
  • Expanded File Sharing Capacity: GBWA enable you to charge much larger media files in an even more significant number in a single go. Exchange HQ videos and pictures effortlessly


  • Terms of Service Violations: Since Whatsapp Inc. did not launch GBWA, it may breach their official terms of service, potentially ending up with suspension or termination of your account by the platform. 
  • Security Concerns: The use of third-party APK downloaded files is at high risk of exposing users to security vulnerabilities. GB Whatsapp is no exception. The risk of malware installation along with the APK file and unauthorized data breaches can compromise your personal information. 
  • Privacy Risks: It is a concerning risk to use APK-downloaded apps like GB Whatsapp, which they may use or share user information with third parties. 
  • Irregular Updates: Official WhatsApp regularly provides updates to ensure enhanced security and the latest fixes and features. Meanwhile, the GB version may not receive consistent updates. This fact poses a threat to users and makes them susceptible to security loopholes. 

Stability Problems: Apart from all the other issues, the users of GB Whatsapp APK may encounter stable performance issues with the app. The app may crash oftentimes and pose compatibility problems with your device. This impacts the usability and reliability of the platform.

Final Thoughts

GB Whatsapp is a dark horse that enhances all the features of official Whatsapp, making it even more fun and unique. You can download the GB Whatsapp from reliable APK sources and install it on your device without a hitch. 

However, the security risks must be considered while downloading the GBWA APK files. It is not an officially created version by Whatsapp Inc. and might break some of the official Whatsapp rules. 

If you keep your privacy and security in high regard, we do not recommend switching to GB WhatsApp since its privacy options will not be well-supported. 

Frequently Asked Questions

GB Whatsapp is a tweaked version of official Whatsapp that allows its users advanced features and customizability. You will have better privacy controls, personalization access and chat management features.

GB Whatsapp is not available in the app store. You can find a reputable APK resource and download the GBWA APK file. Once downloaded, proceed with the application installation by opening the file. 

GB Whatsapp was only developed to operate on Android devices. Therefore, it is not officially available for iPhones. However, some resources allow free or paid iPhone installation of GB Whatsapp.

GB Whatsapp APK needs you to closely watch reliable resources to know whenever an update is announced. If there is an update, you can download the updated APK file and install the app through the downloaded file. Make sure to read the installation permissions well before granting it.